Monthly Archives: August 2015

Adorable Lady (可爱女人 Ke Ai Nu Ren) by Jay Chou (周杰伦)

Heard this song so many years ago, forgot about it, then was at Boiling Point (Taiwanese Hotpot restaurant) and it came over the radio.  And I was like “Oh, this will make such a good arrangement!”.

One of the fun things about arranging Jay Chou ballads is figuring out how to include the rhythmic aspects of the song.  I ended up using the right hand with some syncopated octaves to get the effect that I wanted in the chours.

Also, yes, there are a couple of note goofs.  I did this pretty much in one take so that’s what came out.

I also hear an arrangement of Tornado in my head that I will probably end up recording in a few weeks.