Monthly Archives: December 2010

Silent Night

It’s Christmas Eve and I’m here at my sister’s house here in Seattle. The adults are trying to put the children to bed, but my niece is singing “Glo-oo-oooo-ria” at the top of her lungs. I find their anticipation of Christmas fascinating. I remember when I used to lie awake at night, imagining what latest toy or video game awaited me underneath the tree. Now my favorite time of Christmas Eve are those last few hours before the traditional chaos of Christmas day. The tired adults are relieved to have finished the stocking and Santa surprises for the next day. After decomposing on the couch, they sit in silent contemplation of life and loved ones. For some reason, it’s this simple time of the holiday that’s become one of my favorites.

Anyway, as an early Christmas or late Christmas Eve gift, I’m attaching an unfinished demo of Silent Night that I recorded with Jolie. I hope you enjoy the music.

Merry Christmas everyone!


Silent Night demo 1 arr by Jared Ong