Monthly Archives: July 2010

Quick Update

I’m still hard at work on my arrangement of Be Still My Soul. Vocals are in place (thanks Jolie!) and preliminary versions of the piano/vocal mp3 have been sent out to friends for feedback. Sheet music is finished in Sibelius and looks gorgeous. Although you won’t hear it on the vocal track, I ended up transposing the sheet music up a few steps so it would better fit the range of a typical soprano. So, both mezzo and soprano versions will be available.

My friend, Jenna, also performed it a few times in church settings and it sounded really good. I think people will really relate to the arrangement since it represents the varied spiritual feelings present in the journey of life.

The reason why I haven’t uploaded anything yet? I’m attempting to add a few orchestral elements to the arrangement. Flute, cello, viola, violin etc. My software synths are decent enough, although I would love access to some appassionata Vienna samples. Anyway, I need to do a little bit more scoring and see if I can properly recreate everything that’s floating around setting in my head without having to hire a full blown orchestra. If I’m not able to get that orchestrations to a satisfactory level, I’ll still upload the piano/vocal version.

Lastly, I do have video of a few takes with Jolie, so I’ll hopefully do a video similar to Give Said the Little Stream.

Sorry again for the lack of downloadable content at the moment. I promise there will be lots of good stuff in the future.