I Have A Testimony

Thought I’d share something that has been in my queue for a while.  My friend Karen Kimball and I wrote a song a couple years ago for primary aged children.  It was based on her poem that was published in the October 2007 Friend magazine.  Converting a poem into a children’s song was something I’d never done before and was an enjoyable challenge. We had lots of discussions about how to keep the essence of the poem while making it singable.  There was a lot of nitty gritty song crafting: creating different versions (two verse/three verse?), testing it with children, getting other musicians feedback.  We were finally able to come up with something we were both happy with.

Last month, I attended a Great 2 be 8 fireside, and I heard Karen’s daughter perform the song. And that reminded me that I’d forgotten to post it to this blog.  So here it is!

I Have A Testimony Sheet Music

Hope you enjoy it.

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