Frozen Brothers

Thought it’d be cool to do a arrangement/mashup of a couple of pieces of music from completely different mediums. I played Brothers – A Tale of Two Sons (with my wife watching) a while ago, and was extremely impressed with the storytelling.  The theme music was also quite awesome.  Anyway there are a couple of lands you visit with lots of ice, snow, and icebergs – which led me to the idea to mash it up with Let It Go – from Frozen.

Ran into a couple of fun challenges when arranging. The main theme from Brothers is in F# minor, Let It Go is in F minor.   I decided to use F minor just because I liked the tonal quality of the key for merging the two pieces.  Also, Brothers is in 3/4, Let it Go is in 4/4.  It was interesting to figure out a way to merge the two without making things sound abrupt.

Definitely recommend, if you haven’t already, to play the game.  Also, don’t read the spoilers, and just play it for the experience.  The game is about 4 hours long so it’s basically like sitting through a couple of movie.



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