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Silent Night 2012

Apologies for such a long delay between posts. I’ve been working on various projects, including a Children’s education website, web commercial, and a primary children’s song. Just a lot of backlog here that I need to get around to posting.

My goal this holiday was to finally publish the initial version of Silent Night that Jolie and I worked on in 2010, which was a solo version of the SATB I wrote in 2008. Anyway, I finally got around to putting the Youtube video together and putting the mp3 on iTunes. I hope you guys like it.

You’ll notice that If you compare the audio in the Youtube video against the iTunes mp3 and/or the sheet music, you’ll find there are a few subtle changes. When I initially wrote it, I had the refrain at measures 52-55 repeat “Christ is Born.” This is what Jolie ended up singing. I later realized that it would be more powerful to have the piano play the second refrain. Same thing goes with measure 79.

Also, at measure 60, the final produced version has Jolie singing a 5th higher than notated (Bb instead of an Eb). This was a change I made after hearing her do the first run through. I actually had to call her back into the studio (i.e., my bedroom) and re-record that line. The sheet music also still shows an Eb.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays, and I hope you enjoy the video.

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