Monthly Archives: August 2011

A quick update

So, despite the lack of updates to this blog, I have been rather busy.  I’m finishing up a primary song with a friend that is shaping up nicely. The melody is pretty, the lyrics are meaningful.  I’ll try and record that soon so that you can take a listen.

I’ve received wonderful e-mails from people who wanted Give Said the Little Stream in various arrangements (e.g. add flute, add SATB, etc).  I most recently finished the SATB, it was a fun challenge to try and convert the song into a choral piece. I kind of wish that I had done a series of posts similar to the posts on “I Know It’s You.”  It would have been nice to record my thought process and reasoning during the composition process.  I did some of the arranging so late at night that I can’t remember why some of the chords ended up the way they are currently notated.  Such is the life of a composer I guess.

Anyway, this attachment is still very much a work in progress and will probably been changed a few times.  However, I’m guessing that a few people might be interested in this, so here it is.  I tried to duplicate the melody in the Soprano, Tenor, and Bass lines during the chorus to make it easier to sing.  I did do an evil thing and make the Bass sing a high G (hehe >:) but I will probably change this in a future revision.

As for recordings, I’m going to try and get Jolie in the studio this month so we can do some more upbeat arrangements.



PDF: Give Said The Little Stream SATB Combined