Monthly Archives: February 2009

Quick update

Just a quick update on what’s going on musically.

I’ve had a few calls in the recent weeks requesting permission to be added to my studio.  I’m open to teaching any age and skill level, as long as it’s a good fit between the student and the teacher.  However, at this rate, I might not have any personal time to do writing.

I finished up a short film in December.  The director wanted a little more music, so I wrote a piano piece or two for him.  I also got to play the role of music director, as there were a couple of places in the film that necessitated a classical piece based on the actresses actions.  Chopin ended up winning out.

I also have some other potential projects lined up, including producing a demo CD and some more media composition.  Definitely keeping busy.

The latest thing I’m working on is an Asian Knight Riderish theme.  It’s cheesy, but sometimes that’s what you feel like writing.  I’ll upload it when it’s finished.