Monthly Archives: April 2008


Just wanted to give an update.  I’m scoring a short film for a friend, he’s currently getting his masters in film.  This project ended up being much intriguing than I thought.  I don’t usually write music for a drama. Action, ballad, love scenes were what I did in college.  Drama, probably not so much.

Anyway, because I’ve been working on composing, my Memorial day song is still stuck in limbo.   I’ve done two or three rewrites of the rhyming schemes, so I should be pretty close to recording some scratch vocals.  I’m debating whether I’m willing to put my voice online again…we’ll see.

Chorus done

Well, after three or four days of trying to write something for “memorial day”, I think I finally have a chorus.  I went through a whole bunch of different ideas: birds,  diving, shouting echoes, love, clouds, etc.  I kept getting stuck.

At one point, I thought about making the chorus a typical Josh Groban love ballad of love found!111!!1.  The chorus certainly could have soared in that Josh Groban way…but I couldn’t do it.  I probably would have gagged writing it.  Plus, I haven’t had any recent experiences that deserve that type of melodrama.  I think it’s probably going to be a week or so before I can actually record the vocals of my lyric ideas.  I’ll post it to the blog once I do get a good recording of the vox.

Memorial Day

I was in Boston all of last week, attending a conference for work.  It was an interesting opportunity to experience a city for the first time.  Boston is ideal for walking, and most of my coworkers would talk a night walk for exercise.   Up until I arrived, I’d planned on walking with them, but I caught a pretty nasty code a week and was unable to really get out.  Although I enjoyed my trip immensely, I missed my weekly composing sessions.  Now that I’ve been back a few days, and have had a chance catch up on sleep and rest, I’m back at the grindstone.

 This latest piece is something I started last year.  It originated as a piano idea, but it’s been gradually involving something a bit bigger.  This is version one of the minus track.  I’m still working on the lyrics, but vocal melody, but this serves as a good enough vocal bed for me to write to.  Putting the whole thing together really has been great practice in arranging.  It’s tricky trying to get the most of my gear…especially since I don’t touch it nearly enough.  

 Anyway, this is version one of the song.  I’ve given it the codename “Memorial Day” until I come up with some proper lyrics. 

Memorial Day (working title)