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If That’s All

Sorry, there hasn’t been more postings recently. I’ve been tremendously busy with Savior of The World (I’m a choir angel), work and travel. And it certainly won’t let up, as I’ll be heading out to Boston on a business trip this coming weekend.

Savior of the World has been a marvelous experience. I’ve been involved and attended Stake productions before, and this is head and shoulders beyond anything I expected. And I have high expectations.

Part of what has made the SOTW special is the level of commitment for all involved. I think that there is a certain level of sacrifice required before something becomes meaningful. Kudos to the directors, producers, and the rest of the production crew for having such a vision and demanding it out of us. At some point during all the practices, and right before our first performance, we could sense the spiritual and emotional synergy.

One of my favorite things about this show has been the opportunity to meet fellow members in the Irvine stake. I belong to the singles ward and the accompanying social bubble. But singing with a 120 person choir has allowed me to meet new acquaintances. Mothers, fathers, people I would have otherwise never met if only for the simple fact that our lives revolve around different things.

If that’s all that resulted from SOTW, I’m sure everyone would be happy…though I’m pretty sure that that effects of the production are much farther reaching.


p.s. To make up for the lack of music recently, here’s another project from college. I’ll give more background on this piece in a subsequent post.

If That’s All


So, yes, despite the lack of music updates, I have been working on some music.  I have random working names for songs in the queue (think Blue Harvest and Return of the Jedi).  The current one is Memorial Day, and whenever I listen to it, I get all excited at the potential there.  But there’s something missing; it’s lacking gloss.  Or, as my former professor Ron Simpson used to say, “golden bricks.”

Part of that is that the lyrics/melody is in flux.  But there’s also something that’s lacking, and I don’t know what (ooh, that rhymed).  It’s helped a bit that I’ve added a bass part, and am retracking the drums to tighten things up.  But it’s weird that I’m just stuck (weird, that rhymed again too).

I really do need some time to just sit, write, and think.

Will You Go With Me On a Date

I’m finally able to publish some of the songs in my catalogue, now that I’ve sent in the copyright applications.

This is a fun piece I did about a year and a half ago. I’m actually going to perform this one for the first time at our institute activity tomorrow, so hopefully I don’t mess up too much. It’d be much easier to just sing along to the track, but I do want to play this one live.

By the way, sorry for the lack of posts recently. I’ve been tied up with Savior of the World practice. Also, I’m working on rewriting one of my instrumental pieces by adding a bass part. Which then necessitates cleaning up the guitar and piano parts…so basically it’s a whole rewrite. I’ll publish that after I make some good headway.

Will You Go With Me

When You Wish

So my ‘net wanderings today led me to an interesting tidbit I’d never known before. Composer Leigh Harline, most famous for When You Wish Upon a Star, donated his services to the 1960’s movie, Man’s Search for Happiness. What a cool way to give back as a composer.

Of all the Disney song’s, When You Wish Upon a Star is the definitive classic. It’s actually not one of my favorites in terms of melody or arrangement, but I marvel at how perfectly it is able to capture that emotion of childlike wonder. The one where you truly believe that if you just wish hard enough, all your dreams will come true. Amazing what a simple song can do.

The song I’m posting today was actually a similar attempt at emotional reconstruction. I had a friend, back in college, who I was pretty close with. She’d come over to study or chat. One time she had a request to sing a couple of hymns, and so I broke out the piano while she sang along. After she went home, I had this distinct feeling of appreciation for her companionship. It wasn’t necessarily a romantic feeling, but I remember feeling impressed at how much I enjoyed the time we spent together in such simple activities.

I gave myself a personal challenge to try and write a song that emulated that emotion. It ended up being one of my semester projects, so I had to produce and mix it in the 20 or so studio hours we were allotted. My professor liked it quite a bit, especially the dual modulation technique.

I don’t know if my friend knows that she was the inspiration for the song. I guess if this thing ever shows up in a Disney film, I’ll tell her.

When You’re Here